BOFFO Fire island performance festival 2019 | dancing in the face of adversity

august 2-4 Fire Island Pines

BOFFO and OCDChinatown are excited to announce the fifth edition of its  Performance Festival on Fire Island, organized this year in collaboration with OCDChinatown, a space for queer sound, image, object, movement, and thought located in a Chinatown mall in New York City.

From August 2 - 4, over nine artists and artist collectives will present new and reimagined performances, music, and dance to Fire Island’s historically LGBTQ community. Highlights of this year's festival include an immersive Ryan McNamara performance, Young Boy Dancing Group's United States debut, an operatic collaboration between Richard Kennedy and Gay BAKER3, as well as a new staging of exhilarating Spit! manifestos.

This year’s theme, Dancing in the Face of Adversity, takes its name from a disco-track compilation released by Island Records in 1989. Dance has been and continues to be an iconic part of the cultural legacy of the LGBTQ communities that gather on Fire Island. Dance brings people together, creates resistance through joy, and has long offered a refuge in times of need. Against the backdrop of that history, this year’s festival presents dance in a multitude of forms, exploring its ability to foster connections, exchange energies, generate pleasure, allowing us to imagine the possibility of change.

Young Boy Dancing Group

Richard Kennedy and gay baker3

SPIT! (Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together!) - Carlos Motta, John Arthur Peetz, Carlos maria romero, with Camilo Godoy, Jason Guevara/Jenn D’role, and Vivian crockett

Ryan mcnamara

papi juice with Bichon, Elsz, Sebastian hernandez, and West Dakota

All images courtesy of Nir Arieli.